Now Joint Teachers Front and local organizations come forward in support of farmers


Ferozepur,Sanjhi Soch Beauro –  Now the Joint Teachers Front and all local organizations representing all class including – teachers, writers, students, employees –  have come forward in support of farmers who are protesting for the rollback of three controversial Farm Laws and on Friday organized a massive rally at Shaheed Udham Singh Chowk.

Since all the meetings between the farmers and government remained inconclusive and the stalemate continued over the three controversial three agriculture farm laws. All the 32-Punjab ‘jathebandis’ leaders have rejected the Centre’s proposal to form a 5-member committee to look into their objections and student the concerns. They just want the black laws to be rolled back. Even the prominent personalities – Badal, Dhindsa – and more have announced to return the awards by the government, in protest against the betrayal of farmers by the Centre government. Farmers are united now over the cause and ready for a long term haul.

Addressing the huge gathering, Harjinder Handa said, earlier also when the agriculture bills and contract farming bills were introduced by Manmohan Singh led government to extend the benefit to  multinational corporations, BJP had strongly protested inside and outside Parliament.

But now, on the contrary, by seizing power and passing an even more deadly black law without voting under the guise of the Corona crisis, to give benefit to the corporate houses.

Demanding immediate withdrawal of Black Laws related to agriculture, electricity Amendment Bill 2020 and straw pollution ordinance, immediate release of intellectuals, poets, writers and student leaders fighting for restoration of democratic rights in the country.


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