About Us

‘Sanjhi Soch’ newspaper dedicated to the service of Punjabi community and society

‘Sanjhi Soch’ newspaper has been working for the welfare of Punjabi society and other people for the last 8 years. He has never put his personal interests first and has always raised his voice fearlessly against those who want to use the Punjabis and especially the Sikhs for their own selfish ends. In doing so, although the newspaper has suffered financial losses, it has never wavered from its principles. ‘Sanjhi Soch’ wants Punjabis to make progress. There should be development of Punjabi society and Punjabi culture but in doing so one should not forget one’s principles and principles. He has been working tirelessly for this purpose. Only standard material is published in the newspaper. Pornography is not allowed.

Boota Singh Basi

President & Chief Editor

The newspaper also keeps a close eye on our social leaders and does not hesitate to make them realize when they are wrong. The newspaper has spared no effort to bring the cheating immigrant bridegroom to justice and has made constant efforts to bring justice to the girls who were oppressed by the immigrant bridegrooms. The selfish people in the Guru’s house are also presented in the court of the Sangat. At the same time, the common and private functions and other activities of the Punjabis have been given prominence. Punjabis active in politics have always been encouraged. In collaboration with the Punjabi community, ‘Sanjhi Soch’ will continue to move forward in the future. I am not only hopeful but also confident that the business owners and the Punjabi community will continue to support me as before.