Union Budget 2021: FM Confirms 2021 Census Will be First Digital Census in India

The announcement falls in line with Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement in 2019 about how the 2021 national census is planned to be held digitally.

Sanjhi Soch Beauro –The 2021 national census of India will be held digitally, confirmed Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman during her Union Budget 2021 speech. Touching upon the topic, Sitharaman confirmed that the upcoming census of India would become the very first one in the history of India to be held digitally, marking India’s transit towards digitising government and public services, and continue transiting towards paperless operation systems. The FM’s statement falls in line with a previous statement given by Union Home Minister Amit Shah in 2019.

Back in 2019, Shah had stated that the 2021 national census would be held fully digitally, and had further highlighted that the government is set to spend up to Rs 12,000 crore in setting up the digital framework for the census. He had also confirmed that a mobile app will be used in the process of census 2021. While the exact specifics have not been issued yet, the previous reports have highlighted that those certified to carry out the census process may be encouraged to used their own mobile phones for the process. It will also be interesting to note the infrastructure that the central government sets up in a bid to maintain the sanctity of collected data.

The 2021 census of India is set to begin in March 2021, after the previous census was undertaken in 2011 – marking India’s population at 1.21 billion back then.


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